Good morning lovebirds!Hope you are well <3 Let’s start this morning with talking about vaginas. Our amazing pleasure temple. The area on our body that deserves the most loving attention. How do we take care of our vaginas? How much time do we spend with her? Do we give her enough love? Do we even know everything about our own vaginas? I surely didn't a few years ago. Actually now I still don’t know everything. But far more than earlier. I recently got a request of being part of SVT Opinion, to discuss the subject Vaginal Massage / Yoni Massage. I had never watched this program before but I watched some clips from it on youtube and it didn’t feel right at all to accept this proposal. Two persons or more with opposite values of the same subject, fighting with each other, with no winner - just violent energy. I believe that kind of situation will just bring bad energy to a beautiful subject. I believe it's just to agree to disagree. It is not for everyone. For sure.And that is okey.But what I like to do instead is to share with you here in my blog how this ritualistic ancient practice have helped me in my life journey. How it have helped me opened up more to myself and to others. How it have helped me to understand more of my own pleasure center. How it have helped me to be more comfortable with my own sexuality. How it have helped me to understand how the energy flows within me. First.What is a Yoni Massage? Tantra is an ancient, life oriented spiritual science. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. Massage means working and acting on the body with pressure, holds, and causing movement to the body. Tantric Yoni Massage is a practice based on the principles of tantric teachings. It is a whole body experience that includes touching, arousing, massaging and pressing at points across the whole body. Focusing on the legs, hip-joints, back, buttocks, neck and shoulders, abdominal area, breasts, and finally the outside and then also the inside of the yoni (vagina). What most people don’t know is that women in general stores a lot of traumas and emotions in their inner walls of the vagina. Our sexual organs plays a major role for our physical, emotional and spiritual health and when we have blockages it diminishes the flow of creating sexual energy. These blockages are caused mainly from emotional trauma, physical trauma, toxins such as heavy metals, air pollutions, poor nutrition, pesticides in our food and stress. In order to have healthy functioning genitals, we need to have a rich blood supply both in and out of the sexual organs to both provide nourishment and to remove toxins. And to get rid of these blockages you need to massage this pressure points to release them. The massage is a combination of knowledge and techniques coming from tantric metaphysics and yoga, traditional Thai massage, Chinese acupressure, modern psychology and sexology. It is designed and dedicated to women. It opens up the whole body to the sensation of energy, pleasure and the deep forms of orgasm. It has a beneficial and balancing effect on a woman's physical, sexual, energetic, emotional and mental wellbeing. It is a ritual, a spiritual practice that allows the woman to connect to her essence, her feminine core, the creative power of her nature. We get massages for all our other body parts, to loose tension and loosen up, to get more awareness, so why wouldn’t we work on our most precious body part as well? Most women are also very unaware what is actually going on with their vaginas. From a lack of sexual education in school, in our society and from our families. So for me this is a gift coming from above, to help us women become more aware and get a bigger understanding of ourselves. ____________________________________________________ Continuing to my own journey.My first time I came in contact with this knowledge was from watching a documentary ages ago, it awaken my curiosity so I read some different articles about it too. It stayed in my subconscious until next time I would come across it in my path. Then when I first came in contact with tantra, after my first workshop I ever did I heard about yoni massage again. Straight away I saw this as a sign that this was the moment when I get to experience this. I felt ready and open.Even though I am a very open minded easy breezy person I was still scared to death before. Ah, maybe not scared to death but I was very nervous. I booked it and then when the day came I felt I wanted change my mind and cancel it. But I knew it was just my fear coming knocking on the door. I felt strongly that this was important for my evolution - so I decided to not pay too much attention to my fear.  I went. I had a crazy experience beyond understanding which is indescribable with words really.  An important matter with all bigger decisions you make for yourself, is the intention behind it. Why are you doing this for yourself? What do you think will change for you? What is your hope to receive after the experience? When you have a strong intention for an action it is easier for universe to give you what you need in that moment.  My intention was that I wanted to learn more about my own body. I knew I had experienced other forms of orgasms than a clitorial one, but I didn't really know what was what. So I wanted to get a bigger understanding of what sensations were connected to which spots inside of me.  If your intention is pleasure, from my point of view it is nothing wrong with that either. If you believe you for example never had an orgasm, and you intention is to challenge this belief and see if your body is capable of it (which it is). If your intention is to step out of your comfort zone. If your intention is to get over some blockages and traumas - they are all okey. Your intention is your own.  The first experience I had was with Skanda, and this was before we knew each other well, I had only done a smaller workshop with him before. He was super professional and he saw that I was nervous. We sat down and talked about it before, he explained in details what was going to happen and that there was nothing to be afraid of. After our calm talk I got into a new more soft vibration and my nervousness disappeared a bit. It was about a 2,5 hour experience where it started with a normal full body massage, to warm up the joints and stretch your body. So it was a longer phase to get warmed up, so not just straight to the vaginal massage. I was surprised how professional it all felt. It was so much more just like a body treatment rather than something sexual.  It is hard for me to go into details exactly how my experience was. But it was a mind blowing first experience. It felt like I was completely taken to another parallell universe. When we sat down and discussed after the session I had lost my ability to speak, I had trouble thinking in with my native language and most definitely a very hard time speaking in English. It was like my brain was filled with fluffy clouds, and this sensation stayed with me for days. During this massage I received several different orgasms and I was able to connect them on a deeper level with my inner orgasmic spots. I felt it gave me so much for my future intense alone exploring journey with masturbation and lovemaking. Cause now I could connect different kind of movements on the differents spots and then in the end what sensations goes with what. So my intention was highly fulfilled.  Now a few years after, I have received yoni massages from several people, both men and women. With different intentions to widen my knowledge and also see how different the experience can be with a new energy. The first massages I did were with men, and I have received one from a woman. And I must say I don't prefer any of them, it has nothing to do with the sex of the person - man or a woman. It's all about the comfort you get from the practitioner, how much trust you can give them for you to be able to surrender completely. Cause once you are in the journey it doesn’t really matter who is preforming it. It is more like they are a vehicle channeling higher forces of bliss for you to just follow the wave in yourself. I always close my eyes to go very internal in myself. A full on inside journey. But just to reassure you - the main goal with this massage is not the pleasure or the orgasms, it’s not even sure you will get any. It is all about how open and relaxed you are to receive this journey too. The goal is not to create an orgasm, but it can be the outcome of massaging a specific spot. It can also experience pain or discomfortable from time to time depending of how much heavy storage you have. My different sessions have been so different from each other, depending on what intention I had or what time in my life I were. Some times I have been in full on pleasure, laughing loud, sometimes crying heavily from emotions getting released. And you can never really know what is coming before. A good way to describe it regarding the pleasure outcome - if I for example were really horny one day and I wanted to receive full power pleasure - I would not think to go and have a yoni massage to solve my mission. Pleasure can be an outcome, but it's so much more than that. Its massive emotional journey which brings you to higher states of yourself. So if I wanted just sexual pleasure I would for sure go for love making or masturbation. It's important to be aware of the depth of this practice.  For me regarding a session like this, it is so important to get a recommendation of someone. Regarding all subjects such as tantra, there are some frauds out there taking advantage of the vulnerable situation. I have heard many stories of people who got tricked into a very horrible and uncomfortable situation regarding yoni massages during traveling. They meet someone who says they are a tantric guru giving yoni massage - and then it ends up in situations you don't want to come to.SO PLEASE LADIES, if you are interested in receiving a yoni massage at some point in your life, really do some research before if you don't get a personal recommendation. But preferably make sure to get a recommendation from someone so you feel more secure of the professionalism.  I have received MANY request and questions from you about yoni massage and where you can find it. And to add to this - I would never recommend someone I haven’t experienced myself and that I believe offers a very professional experience. So earlier when you have asked I haven’t been able to recommend you someone in Sweden since I have had my massages over seas. So now I am very happy to share with you that my friend Skanda will come to Stockholm for two weeks in October. As you hear - this creates very limited spaces. And I highly recommend him. He have many many years of experience and I have experienced his massage a several times. Also my boyfriend have learnt giving yoni massage from him <3 If you are interested in booking a massage, you can email me on tantra@maxinne.se, and I will give you more information and how to book <3Also if you have any questions I am happy to respond or direct you to the practitioner.