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 Their facility is located at Midtown Motors 125 Bell St. Established in 1938 by Max Antony, they proudly serve the London, Kitchener, Woodstock, and Ingersoll areas. The dealership stands behind every car they sell and issues a Car Proof report for each one. In the rare instance that a motorist does not find the part he needs in the inventory, the company can still assist them in searching for it. Having one of the longest tenures in the industry among car dealers in London, Midtown Motors is equipped with years of experience and expertise enabling them to do great in selling quality used cars. Midtown Motors not only focuses on the retail of automobiles, but also maintains a comprehensive inventory of high quality car parts and accessories.  The company is comprised of a highly qualified and committed staff. They make sure that the customer receives the part on time and in good condition. The company retails and guarantees premium vehicles to the Ontario locale and with the help of established relationships with lenders, car buyers are provided with the best rates that banks have to offer. Midtown Motors is one of Canada's leading volume dealers and leads with expertise in the import and export of vehicles for the wholesale market. The company not only offers quality automobiles and genuine parts for retail, but also provides their expertise in automobile maintenance and repairs. They also commit to quality, with Car Proof reports as proof.  After many years of focusing on wholesale and classic automobiles, Midtown Motors is now offering a vast selection of used cars in London and other locales in South Western Ontario. Midtown Motors China Electric Motors Manufacturers in China is a third generation family-owned business. The company currently boasts of a wide array of used vehicles with prices going for as low as $3,000.