Half a life

Vi var på fotografering med fina Mela häromdagen, för att få till ett bra julkort att skicka ut. Det här nedan blev inte julkort, men det är för tillfället min favorit. Texten under skrev jag i lördags. Tänkte bara lämna den här. Hänga upp min byk offentligt liksom.  Please, don't leave mePlease, don't leave mePlease, don't leave mePlease, don't-- This freedom I never wished forThese opportunities that might be going to wasteNo, I can have it allAnd I will have it allBut by the time I do I won't come home to see your faceYou will be there, or here, but always on the chaseA half life full of love but never a solid base But we beat on, a week and four and fiftytwoAnd we start to think that we're doing all rightGetting good at these heartfelt goodbyesLeading two separate lives You in different places every seventh nightSo incostistant and we're full of frightAnd hopeThat it will endWhat happens then?  What is left of half a life when a half moves on? Is that when your life will startWhen you will decide to just be smartNot like your mom, and not like your dadYou will do it right and follow your heartAnd I hope your kids will never be that scarredI hope you will never know what it's like to be ripped apart As a mother I tell you I love you and I kiss you good nightFor probably the twentieth time tonightYour breathing is heavy so I know you can't hearBut I just have tonightSo I really JustNeed To get it rightI need you to know you're my entire lifeThat when you leave here tomorrow I won't be all rightBut I can't tell you, because you're still just a childSo I whisper And I hope it'll leave a feeling in your heartThat despite the time we have to be apart You are my everything And that I never let you go without a fightI never let you goI let him go