Motortrip - Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

In this post I will write about our motortrip to several countries in the northern part of Europe. We went from Sweden to the south of Germany and visited serveral other countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium an Luxembourg. Our group existed out of 8 people riding 5 motorcycles. We planned to go out for 1 week as this was not a big trip, besides that we most of us had other plans aswell. Our plan was to stay at campingsites during the trip. We've visited serveral campingsites in the Netherlands. This was a great success. Dutch motorcampings are very clean, allthough they do not have a lot of mountains driving motorcycles is pretty nice. The country is litterally flat. Only in the southern part there is some natuaral landscap relief. E.g. we went to a camping called the toerstop in the southern part of the Netherlands. You just pronounce is as "the tour stop". This camping is famous to bikers in the Netherlands. The owners are very nice and its one of the cleanest campings i've ever visited and that's a huge plus!!! The people in the Netherlands are also very nice. We've met some bikers on this camping and we had a very good evening in the bar. Here you can go to the website of d'n toerstop in Melderslo. Oh fyi melderslo is the name of the town. But if you want to visit this camping then you might want to lookup the adresdetails on the website anyway. Video of the tourstop. You probably do not understand the language, me neither. But you get the idea. While we where at the toerstop we had a problem with some of our motorcycles. Normally it's an mechanical problem of a flat tire but this time we had a broken chainlock. Some might ask how to you break a lock. It's easy the key broke of within the lock and we could'nt get it out. As we share this chainlock with two bikes, ecspecially during the night it was critical. I mean we're travelling and some places are not that safe. At some places there are motorcycle thieves so we wanted to make sure that our bikes were safe during the night. So we asked someone at the toerstop where we could get a chainlock, but we wanted one that is suitable to lock down motorcycles. He knew someone that worked for an internet company that sells motorcycle locks online. So we checked the website and with some help of our new friend we chose a chainlock that we wanted to buy. So the next thing we had to do is to call this person that worked for this webshop. He told u that he would be there within 30 minutes with the lock. But we had to give him a beer. So that was ok for us. Within 30 minutes this guy showed up and had gave us the lock. He came with a motorcycle and he stayd a while. So we gave him a couple of drinks. We were so happy that he brought us this lock. I mean it's in the middle of nowhere and you cannot get a lock that easy. The dutch have a neat system for motorcycle locks. Locks can get tested by a foundation and they give it a certificate if the lock is ok to use. They call is ART sloten. This means locks that have the ART certificate. A chainlock is called a kettingslot. This is the page where you can find the ART certified kettingslot we had bought. So if you have a similar problem then you know that you have to get a ART certified lock. They are not that expensive either. We might want to introduce a similar sulotion to this in Sweden. Later a tell you more about our motorcycle adventures in Europe!!