Sports Performance and Natural Growth Factors

For professional sports people it is important to optimise performance, recovery and general good health. When income and contracts depend on both your performance and availability, staying healthy is all important. Consider being able to increase stamina, strength, endurance and recovery in a natural way that promotes personal good health, verses taking a band substance to try and achieve similar results, running the risk of being banned from your sport, the resulting loss of income and probability causing yourself long-term health risks. Achieving better recovery times and reduced inflammation following physical exertion is critical to professional and serious athletes alike. Clinical trials have proven the value of Colostrum in delivering on these critical issues for athletes, by increasing lean muscle mass, increased strength and endurance, reducing inflammation and improving repair of muscle tissue post physical As a natural substance Colostrum is a safe supplement approved for use by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). With a proven ability to regulate the immune system, the natural growth factors and peptides in Colostrum should be considered as part of a daily dietary routine for professional sports people. Aside from the performance and recovery aspects of colostrum, there is the added advantage of increased immunity against infections and viruses. Just using professional football as an example, being able to minimise the risk of a virus going through the team can have a huge impact on player availability during the season. Having viruses impact on multiple players at the same time can have season altering effects on a team's ranking come finals time.