System and backline included as standard

The Soundstage Rehearsal studios are based in North West London, just off the A40 and as such are well outside the London Congestion Charging Zone.  About the new facilities David said "We have always tried to offer our clients a high quality location at an affordable price. We're particularly keen to do what we can to support local and up and coming musicians so will always try to do the best rate possible for them. In addition the highly qualified and experienced staff will ensure your rehearsal session goes as smooth as possible and other facilities such as photography, equipment hire, equipment repair and storage are all available onsite so you can take care of everything in one place. There is ample free off-street parking for clients and easy loading and unloading into the bays to make things more convenient." The staff at Soundstage studio too are quite excited by the changes and wonder what new acts will be attracted to the venue following the upgrade. This array includes six 2,000W Fresnel lights, 4 300W Fresnel lights, eight 300W PAR cans, four mini space lights, two 4-tube Konova fluorescent banks and a selection of soft boxes, filters, flags, frost, frames and stands as you would expect from a top level production studio. Soundstage studios has been one of the Rehearsal Studios London musicians have turned to for many years. Last year saw an 80s revival tour, rock legends and even X-factor finalists practising their shows in the Rehearsal studios so who knows what or who the new year will bring. The owner, David Croft, is coy about who exactly has played at his studios but he did disclose that the artists in question span many generations, musical genres and tastes. The refit sees enhance lighting now available as standard in both studios with a specific array in the Green Screen studio to aid with TV and video production. Over the course of those years they have seen many of Rock n Rolls deity pass through their doors and China LED Plant Light Suppliers because of its discreet location many of the more popular bands and artists have been able to rehearse uninterrupted by press or fans. Not for nothing is this Rehearsal Studio London's favourite. I'm confident with these upgrades we will continue to do this and hope our special off-peak hours rates will also attract some new customers. Each studio also has its own PA system and backline included as standard and because they are located on different parts of the Soundstage Studio site each one operates independently and there is complete privacy for the respective users.