Proud&Sober + graduation!

Hello!So yesterday I handed in my "very" last essay and 15 minutes later went to this thing called "Proud&Sober" (translated). It's basically the commune that rents an entire theme park for the students to promote soberness(?). So I was there for 8 hours straight and got home after 2AM (see what I did there?;)) and fell asleep right before 3 AM aaaaaaand then only had 4,5 hours of sleep. Then I had to wake up to get ready since I graduated 2nd year today. We spent about 45 minutes in the church then we were off to have some teambuilding exercises with the class but.....only 6 showed up. Including me. So Malin joined instead of me (since I was the leader). Blah blah blah Malin and I went home to my place, died, watched 15&'s appearance on weekly idol a year ago, played some tennis and yeah^^ she also tried some of my caps and I think she looks really good with them! (I got the Leessang cap 2 days ago, YAY!)