Software Life Cycle Model

The software life cycle is the sequence of phases to create and test the software product. It contains different stages to develop the software product. All the software companies follow this technique to make the software product in efficient manner. The role of each stage is different other. The programmer wants to develop the software in stage by stage. The phases are as follows: Feasibility study Requirement Analysis Design Implementation Coding Testing Maintenance Feasibility study The feasibility study refers to check the product is worth on that particular place or not. It gives the idea to the developer whether the project is valuable or not. Requirements In this stage the developer wants to collect the information about the requirements which are needs to develop the software product. In this stage the requirements are very useful to develop the further more steps. Analysis It deals with the concept of analyzing the whole thing like what is the customer need, what are all the product we want to buy to develop the particular software. To check the further problem while we are developing this software. Design In this phase the customer wants to design the software as per the user requirement. There are many prototypes are available to develop the design phase. The design phase itself the programmer able to identify the worth of the project. Implementation This is the very important stage o developing the software product. In this phase the programmer directly implement what he is already plan to develop. There are many way to implement the concept of particular task. Coding The coding is the very important stage because there is a chance of lot of error to be appeared so we want debug the code once again so it is to be tough task. So the programmer want be aware of previous stage itself. Documentation The documentation is the phase here the developer want document their code or the testing purpose. Testing The is the phase here we want test the previous developed project. In that there may be a chance of error may be appear so the user has the required tool to clear those kid of error. After testing phase the product to be send to check whether if it is properly working or not. Maintenance In this phase the programmer want create a desired tool for how to maintain the software product, business consulting and software., That can be in an customer understandable way.                                                                               By Sathish H Kumar