Flygande Jakob - Recipe

I had forgotten how yummy this dish is! We used to make it every other week or so when I was growing up, but now it was probably 3-4 years since I ate it last. Got inspired by my mom because she was making it on Friday night too (in Sweden).  What you need: 1 rotisserie chicken  2 bananas  2 handfuls of roasted salted peanuts  1/2 pack bacon  2 cups heavy cream  1 tbs yellow curry powder  1/2 cup Heinze Ketchup/Sriracha Directions: 1. Separate the chicken meat from the bones and chop into pieces.  2. Cut the bacon into smaller strips and fry in the pan until crispy. 3. Slice banans. 4. Whip the cream, then add in the curry, ketchup/Sriracha, salt and pepper (to taste).  5. Place the chicken on the bottom of a oven safe serving dish. Next you sprinkle out the bacon and the sliced banans. Take the whipped cream mixture and coat the entire pan. Lastly sprinkle the peanuts evenly all over. 6. Pop in the oven at 400F (or 200 C) for 20-25 minutes. Ready to eat! Serve with boiled rice and chopped parsley.