Friday in Pictures

A short recap of my Friday afternoon/night. During the day I was mostly working from home so there's no photos from that. But at 5:00 PM I went to my new yoga studio to try their Barre class. It was so good and I forgot how much I do love Barre as a form of exercise. Later in the evening we took the subway in to Union Square and visited a friends restaurant Shay and Ivy.  We ordred this yummy drink that came served in a honey melon. How cute right?  Inside the restaurant they have this neon sign with the message "just be yourself, everyone else is taken". Nice touch! We weren't ready to call it a night quite yet, so we took a cab to Le Bain. It's the rooftop bar at The Standard hotel. You get an amazing view of the NYC skyline but also of New Jersey.  It's been so nice spending some time with Ashley this week. She's in town for 5 days, and so far I've seen her 3 out of those 5 days lol.  And since we didn't really have a proper dinner, we decided to get a slice of pizza. It was SO GOOD! And while Anton thought I was being very touristy taking photos, I just had haha. Once slice was plenty though, especially mine that had both salami and bacon on top, oops.