New week, new life - That's how it goes, right?

Finally pulled the trigger and signed up for a class this morning. I took the "Barre" class at YvaYoga. This studio is located right down the street from me, not even a block away - LOVE THAT! Not sure how the other classes are, but today it was only me and the instructor, so basically I got a personal training session lol. That works for me. The class was good, but the inside of the studio was the best part. How gorgeous is the crown molding and the green/blue wall color. It all screams New York to me, because you would not find this type of room or studio in Los Angeles, no way. I also saw that they have a pretty good deal on Groupon, like 75% off for 10 classes, so I might sign up and get a kickstart with exercising. I really need and want to, been slacking on that front too much.  How gorgeous?! Even an open fire place.. I need this apartment to move into lol!