INITIATRIX - New workshop in Stockholm

Advertisement for myself & my new workshop INITIATRIX SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU ★Women Only Do you want to feel the high of being sexually liberated? I’m providing you with a sanctuary where your wildest dreams can be explored through the expression of your body.This is a space where you are allowed to show your full sensual self with no limitations and rules. Everything is allowed & welcomed, all layers of your wild inner being. Let’s blossom together. Sunday the 5th December 2021 16:00 - 21:00 at LAMB, Drottninggatan 71Cin Stockholm, Sweden Im sure I have many fellow sisters out there, who is just craving to let their inner wilderness break into a roar. Grind yourself along the floor and moan. Sway your hips until your sweat is dripping on the floor. A space where there is no judgement.No hierarchy. Were everything is welcomed. Exploring our too muchness. Letting the desire lead the way.The urge to be free, full of juice and richness Embodying the ultimate sex goddess, running through our veins. This night is not about performingThis evening is to fuel the inner power of YOUBlowing air on the burning fire inside of you and allowing the EXPANSION We will use our power to inspire our sisters to step into the front line A space where we will initiate each other to the power houses that we already areMaking love with our souls through movementAllowing every bit of us to vibrate of pleasureEverything is allowedBe prepared to be triggered Dance alone, dance together - this space is for youTo explore the deepest desires withinIn a non judgemental space of only womenEVERYTHING IS WELCOME, YOU are welcome ★Lecture & discussion about slut shaming, sexual sovereignty, the importance of being free in our body.★Sharing★Sensual embodiment practices★Movement & dance★Ending with a sexy group photoshoot (optional) Dresscode: Something you feel VERY lush and sexy in 1200:- Email [email protected] to book