Lush add on's to enhance intimacy and play

I don’t know about you, but at least I am starting to feel the Christmas vibe - and I love it! So until Christmas, I will help you with some different suggestions for epic Christmas gifts, maybe as a treat for yourself, your beloved or anyone else! And first out in this little series is lush add ons to enhance intimacy and play. The Christmas calendar with Kino Shopping was surely a success, so in collaboration with them I wanted to give you some other tips to keep on playing even after Christmas ;-) Let me welcome you to this juicy guided tour of playful gadgets and games! Since I have collaborated with Kino for quite some time now, I want to keep showing you new things and not recommending the same over and over again. So I have tried a new range of products and these are my favorites! ENJOY! 1. Well, as you already know, I am a firm believer in PLAY, and in not taking sexuality too seriously. Having fun with dressing up and playing with the different roles we can find within us, to surprise our partner with some sexy wear, or to dress up for yourself for a masturbation ritual night. In my world, the list can go long of occasions to use sexy lingerie, we just have to be creative! In the pictures above you see (click on the names for links); Costume Hat Diamond handcuffs Leather whip Nipple Tassles 2. I can only talk for myself, but I love to kink things up sometimes - so I have chosen a few tools that comes in handy for that. Especially for beginners, how to introduce this into your sex-life. First of all, I love playing games - both in a new relationship or with someone you have been together with for some time, it can be equally beneficial. It will help you to get closer to each other in a playful way. Three games that stood out for me was their "Sex Roulette" with different themes; kinky, kama sutra and they have more variations on the webpage. It will help to give fun suggestions of sexual positions or fun things to try. The truth and dare game, first I hade the projection that it could be a bit cheesy, but actually not - the questions where really fun and deepening - even in our relationship where it feels like me and Manu have talked about most things!Im also again recommending you this FAB rose gag-ball, last time I posted about it, it got sold out, so now you have a new chance to get it <3 Gag-balls in it self isn't really one of my favorites, but one as beautiful as this one - definitely catch my interest. Links:Erotic GamesDiamond HandcuffsWhipRose Ball Gag 3. I'm as close to a magpie as a human can get, I love everything that shines, sparkels or bling! So Lelo's collection in 24 K gold is obviously tempting on so many levels. I had read about this one before and heard good about it - so I wanted to try it. It's like a vibrator that the woman puts inside her vagina, so it stimulates both the inside and outside at the same time, and there is many different variations of speed. I like the very soft one since I am not too fond of vibrations - but sometimes it's fun to explore with too! You can use it while masturbating or during intercourse, that it actually stays inside the vagina while penetration. This is the perfect blingy gift for either yourself or for you and your partner. You can read more about it on their webpage, how it works and about the added remote - it's also a very good price since it is actually real gold on it !!! There is a few different colors + another special edition in rose gold!Links:LELO TIANI 24K GOLD 4. I'm a sucker for anal toys and will always keep exploring new ones. I was drawn to this little dildo called Fun Factory Limba Flex. It's in great material and then you can also bend it so it stays in different angels - which makes it perfect to try different targets. Great for using on all genders. And I'm sure this one would fit perfect for vagina use too, and then you can angle it to where your g-spot is located. It can also be used as a strap on!And for those of you who REALLY want to practice safe sex, they have very fashionable diamond face masks ;-) I don't know if I would ever use them, especially not in bed haha. But apparently in Italy they are recommending people to have masks during intercourse, and preferable keeping distance while making love too - sounds like hard work for me. So, maybe it's more for those out there who wants to wear mask in daily life but you want to look epic while doing it, then you have it here ;-)Fun Factory Limba FlexDiamond Face Mask 5. Here comes a recommendation for some nice massage oils & organic lube. Viamax Organic Glide KINO SHOP APPROVED is a 100% natural lubricant that is free of glycerin, petroleum, parabens, preservatives and chemicals. It gives a long-lasting, silky smooth that does not dry out. Can be used daily as a caring intimate oil.Senze Massage OilsViamax Organic GlideI hope this post gave you some inspiration for play! And if you don't fancy what I recommended the discount code is valid for everything in their shop, so browse for yourself and see what you can find ;-) I wish you a beautiful Christmas!Click here to get to their start page <3Love/Maxinne