7 Ways to Save Your Macy’s Cash Back Hacks

If you’re spending near 100% when you buy something at Macy’s, you’re missing out on some serious cash back. I’ve figured out a method where you can save up to 24% on everything at Macy’s, no matter what you buy: clothing, beauty products, shoes, etc. Just make sure to follow these 5 steps in order to get there.For the purpose of this article, we’re going to use this pair of Men’s Calvin Klein shoes that are currently on sale for $109.99. We’re going to bring this down to just under $60 dollars.When you read through the steps below, it may seem like a lot of work. However, I promise that after you get used to the steps below, you should be able to do it in under 5 minutes each time. There’s a small learning curve, and you can always refer back to this article in case you get stuck. 1. Get A Cash Back Credit Card Before we get in on which cash back credit card to use, I want to make not that we are not going to be using this card during our final checkout. The credit card will be used long before we even get to the final steps of our purchasing process.This means that if any of you are suggesting to use a credit card that gets 5% back at department stores, it will not be of any use. We are going to be making purchases outside of the Macy’s Department Store first, so we’ll want a credit card with the highest cash back on all purchases.The credit card I recommend is the Citi Double Cash Card. It gives you 2% cash back on everything. You get 1% cash back when you buy something and another 1% off when you pay off your bill. With no annual fee and you’re first late payment waived, this is a great card that can be used for all general purposes.Let’s take a quick glance of what the card has to offer below: 1. No Annual Fee2. 2% Cash Back On All Purchases3. Incredible Citi Benefits4. First Late Payment Waived5. No Cap On Cash Back Received6. Free Concierge ServiceNow that we have the Citi Double Cash Card in our hands, we can claim that we’re going to get at least 2% off on our final purchase price. If you want to look into other credit cards, Discover is currently holding a promotion, in which you can get a minimum of 2% cash back and a maximum of 10% cash back on all purchases. I suggest getting this card instead if you make it in time before the promotion ends. 2. Find The Site With The Best Gift Cards We’re going to hold off on using the Citi Card for a while that we mentioned above and instead look at gift cards. The Citi card is great and gives you 2% off all purchases, but why not purchase a gift card at a discount that can give us an extra 13% off?For those of you who don’t know, there are many gift card resellers online that buy unwanted gift cards from consumers and resell them at a higher price. For example, you can sell a Walmart Gift Card for 90% of its value to one of these resellers, and then they’ll sell it back to anyone who wants it for 97% of its value. You’re saving 3% this way.For Macy’s Gift Cards, the deal is even sweeter. Most resellers are willing to sell them at anywhere from 10% – 13% off. That’s a huge savings! Yet with so many gift card resellers out there it’s a little difficult to decide which one to buy from, and we don’t want to waste time checking every website for the best deal.A great resource that we frequently mention on FFL is called PayPrizes. This website gathers information from all of the gift card resellers and ranks in order from highest to lowest discount on the gift card that you wish to purchase. Here’s what we’re going to do in 2 simple steps.1. Go to the GiftCardGranny homepage. Type in “Macy’s” in the search box found at the top of the page. A small tab should appear and you want to click on “Buy.”2. Look at the list of gift card resellers. 3. Check Which Portal Offers The Highest Discount On Gift Card Vendors For those of you who don’t know, there are resources online called online shopping portals that help you get cash back on almost every retailer you can find online. They do this by offering their affiliate link. When you click on their affiliate link, they earn a commission and then give a portion of that to you in the form of cash back.Since I’ve done this a million times, I know that Cardpool is one of the gift card card vendors in which we can get extra cash back on. How I found this out is by using CashBackMonitor. This resource quickly tell us which portal is the best option to get cash back at a specific retailer.Since we’re going to be using Cardpool, we want to find a portal that gives us cash back when buying a gift card at Cardpool.We go to CashBackMonitor and notice that when we type in Cardpool, we can see that we get the best cash back rates by using the shopping portals BeFrugal or TopCashback at up to 4% (it’s actually 2% on gift cards that you buy – it’s 4% on anything that you sell to Cardpool). 4. Go Through The Shopping Portal To Purchase The Gift Card Now we’re finally going to make a purchase. We mentioned above that BeFrugal will give us 2% on everything bought on Cardpool. We’re going to make this easy by breaking it down again. Log-in. Once you log-in, search for Cardpool. You’ll notice that you will get 2% cash back on everything you buy. This is because BeFrugal receives a commission when you buy something, and then give part of this to you. 5. Purchase The Gift Card Now that we’re on the Cardpool page, we can proceed and search for a Macy’s gift card. We know that from Gift Card Granny we’re going to find one at 13% off, and from using CashBackMonitor.Simple search for the Macy’s Gift card and go through the checkout process. There are usually quite a few gift cards available, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding cards at a great discount. If Cardpool happens to be out of stock, you may have to go through the steps above again, but this time try a different gift card vendor. 6. Go Through A Shopping Portal A Second Time Now that we have our discounted gift card in hand, let’s go make a purchase. We’ve already learned how to go through a shopping portal once, so why not do it again?This time we’re going to be searching for Macy’s. We go back to CashBackMonitor and see this time and see that BeFrugal again has the best rate. 7. Make The Purchase – How Much Did We Save? Now that we’re on Macy’s homepage, we can go back to those awesome shoes we were looking at earlier for $109.99. Just be sure to use the gift card that you purchased earlier during the checkout.So How Much Did We Save?Let’s go ahead and do a brief summary of how much we saved by going through the steps above.Cash back credit card when buying a gift card – 2%Shopping portal when buying a gift card – 2%Buying a gift card through a vendor – 13%Using a portal to go through Macy’s – 7%In total we’ve saved 24%! That means instead of getting our shoes for $109.99, we’re actually going to get them for $83.59. That’s roughly $26.50 in savings. Final Thoughts Even if you make a purchase online and don’t like the product, you can either ship it back or take it into any Macy’s store and get a refund. If you use a gift card to make the purchase, however, you’re going to get refunded that gift card, not cash.I’ve also seen cash back portals offer up to 20% off at Macy’s. It really depends on whether they’re having a special. If you’re not in a rush, it might be best to wait to see if there’s a promotion going on sometime soon.If you’re buying an expensive electronic product, it might be best to use a credit card instead of a gift card in order to get purchase protection.