Build A Sales Training Wiki To Educate Partners To Attract New Business

Joint venture marketing partners attract new business and well trained partners close deals. Setting up at least a basic online wiki about the partnership, company or products is important so that everyone who needs to know can have access to. Creating a working document like a wiki allows your businesses to have a central location where specific product information, new hidden wiki announcements or special sales information can be found. A wiki should be a tool that partners refer to on a regular basis rather than a FAQ that might be provided in an early training session with a new partner. There are both complex software and easy "drag and drop" applications to set up online wikis that can be built quickly with existing marketing collateral and company information that's essential for sales reps and others to know in order to close deals. The following are a few important elements of an online wiki for part of the communication channel between partners. Company Overview Include a few paragraphs about the company just as a quick reference to reinforce the way that the company needs to be represented to a new potential customer. By keeping short paragraphs that can teach a sales representative a short blurb about the history of the company and a supporting comment related to the industry is a great piece to develop at the top. Have additional information for supporting details through a link out to the website, but always concentrate on the first couple of lines for each section as those need to be short and punchy and allow the sales reps to then do their work to attract new business so you get leads that will result in closed deals. Points of Contact This is a very important segment of the wiki that needs to be kept up to date on a regular basis. This can help ensure that when a specific problem occurs or a unique opportunity is presenting itself that the right person is being contacted. Make sure for critical points of failure that a business partner has at least two people that can be contacted if the primary person is unavailable during an emergency. It is not essential or necessary to have the executives listed in this portion of the sales training wiki unless relevant. The point of this is to have a working document that keeps all of the active people implementing roles in the business partnership related to selling and servicing a customer.