? Implementing an FTP server on the ESP32

Implementing an FTP server on the ESP32 and interacting with the SD card requires some coding. Below is a simple example showing how to create an FTP server using an ESP32 and an SD card. In this example, I used the ESPAsyncWebServer library, an ESP32 web server library that supports asynchronous operations, and the ESPAsyncFTP library, which provides FTP functionality for the ESP32. Make sure to install both libraries before starting. cpp #include <Arduino.h>#include <WiFi.h>#include <ESPAsyncWebServer.h>#include <ESPAsyncFtpServer.h>#include <SD.h> const char *ssid = "your-ssid";const char *password = "your-password"; const char *ftpUsername = "your-ftp-username";const char *ftpPassword = "your-ftp-password"; AsyncWebServer server(80);AsyncFtpServer ftp = AsyncFtpServer(); void setup(){   Serial.begin(115200);    // Connect to Wi-Fi   WiFi.begin(ssid, password);   while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED)   {     delay(1000);     Serial.println("Connecting to WiFi...");   }   Serial.println("Connected to WiFi");    //Mount SD card   if (!SD.begin())   {     Serial.println("Failed to mount SD card");     return;   }   Serial.println("SD card mounted");    //FTP server setup   ftp.begin(ftpUsername, ftpPassword);   ftp.addUser(ftpUsername, ftpPassword); // Add a user    // Web server setup   server.on("/", HTTP_GET, [](AsyncWebServerRequest *request)             { request->send(SD, "/index.html", "text/html"); });    // Start servers   server.begin();   Serial.println("HTTP server started");   ftp.begin();   Serial.println("FTP server started");} void loop(){   // Handle FTP server   ftp.handle();    // Handle other tasks or code here} In this example, you need to replace your-ssid, your-password, your-ftp-username and your-ftp-password with your WiFi network credentials and FTP credentials. You also need to make sure you have a file called index.html on your SD card, which will serve as the default file in the root directory of the FTP server. Please note that this is just a simple example and may need to be modified and extended based on your specific needs. Be sure to read the documentation for ESPAsyncWebServer and ESPAsyncFTPServer for more details and features.