Discover Your True Purpose in Life with Christian Tees

God created every person in this world with a particular purpose that stays true and unique to who and what they are. However, some simply do not know  what their purpose is. Maybe you feel lost without any  direction and you are just wandering in your life with no idea what  to do and where to go. Or maybe you already have an indistinct  idea yet you are not sure how you can get there. You already know a few things to ignore that fire within you but you can't find that  solid point of connection. Christian tees can help you determine your true purpose. With the verses, quotes, and images that you choose to print on your Christian tees, you can feel more confident with your own identity as you go on your life's journey. But, aside from Christian tees, there There are several areas in your life that will help you discover the real purposes you were made for in the first place: Your Personal Talents Do you know your talents? Talents are natural skills and traits you developed. Do you know how to knit? Do you have a musical inclination? Do you have stellar cooking skills? Are you a fan of art or photography? God sometimes uses your talents to bless other people, serve ministry riles, and find common ground with others. God wants you to use the talents you have in such a way that will honor Him. Your Endowed Gifts Did you ever take an inventory of your spiritual gifts? The Holy Spirit has given all believers with specific gifts to build and serve the church. Some examples of gifts are mercy, leadership, teaching, and wisdom. There are available online resources you can use to discover your endowed gifts to help you determine how you can be of help to others. After identifying your gifts, you can further develop them and determine new ways of expressing them. Your Innate Passions What excites you? What do you love to do? What fills your heart? God sometimes uses your passions that lead you to take the right step and that is to become Jesus' feet and hands in this world. Does your heart ache for children who need fostering or adoption? Do you want to help poor communities by giving them clean water to drink? Do you feel inspired every time you hear stories from the church? Then, look for something that will help you put your passion into action. There are now local and global organizations that can be joined by people who wish to make a difference in the world. Your Vision Your vision statement will keep you focused on what your life is about. What are the things that matter to you? What are the things you love to spend time doing? What are your beliefs in life? Take time to reflect on these questions and come up with your own vision statement and write everything down. This way, you can move forward with your purpose and identify those things that are not worth your energy and time. To make things better, have your vision imprinted on your Christian T-shirts.