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This time of year brings our hearts, our thoughts, and our minds around to the things we’re most thankful for; to gather with those we hold most dear, and count our many blessings.  The 40+ and Fabulous Women’s Empowerment team wanted to drop by and tell you what we’re thankful for this year. We hope you’ll take a moment to share with us too!______________________I am so thankful for the opportunity to touch the lives of so many women and girls through the work I am blessed to do with our FabU Academy Women’s Lifestyle Conferences and FabU Academy Teen Girl Conferences.  I am thankful for the many women who believe in, support, and help to move my dreams forward, because I  certainly could not do this alone. I am thankful that my mother has been healed of cancer.  Many would consider a diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer a death sentence, but today I am grateful that my mother is cancer free. I am thankful for the love of family and friends, good health, and the freedoms I enjoy as a United States citizen.Sondra Wright, NY_____________________I am thankful for God putting the idea of Go Free Pants in my heart so one day I will be able to do an endowment for hospice.  I am also thankful for all the wonderful people who have come into my life and have supported me in my passion and my business, and among them is Sondra!Tina Ketchie Stearns, owner Go Free Pants, Atlanta_____________________With so much going on in this world today, I’m grateful for God’s mercy and protection. He has not failed to provide for me and my family. Statistically, I should be here, but I am all because of Him. I’m grateful for my tribe of family and friends.Yolanda Johnson-Bryant, That Literary Lady, NJ_____________________I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends, both old and new. And I am especially thankful for the opportunities that have been bestowed upon me this year, and I look forward to making 2014 a year I can offer opportunities to others. Myra Gaddy, CEO of J.O.Y., Denver_____________________I am grateful for God’s amazing love and grace; that every single day I have the opportunity to serve others through my work as an attorney and through my GenesisPure business spreading the message of healing and wellness.  I am so grateful for my wonderful, loving family and friends, for my health and the health of those I love.  This has been a wonderful year of growth and personal development and I am so grateful for my abundant, joyful life.Sue Hunt, Attorney, Boston_____________________In 2013 I am thankful for the challenges that have forced me out of my comfort zone. This is a phenomenal year of growth, both personally and professionallyChristine Moore, Co-Owner M & M Meetings and Event Planning, Charlotte_____________________I am thankful for the fact that I am alive and still kicking. I am thankful for a mom who has lived a life of example to me that I hope to be a woman as she is currently at 90 years old. I am thankful for family even though we may not be perfect. but then who is. I am thankful for great friends who keep it real without skipping a beat. Raleigh_____________________My life is wonderful, faults and all and I am not going to let anything or anyone take my joy.With this being the season of Thanksgiving it is my hope that my life can make a difference in someone else’s life and that whatever I can do to help, I will. It is not always about MONEY, give of yourself, your time and energy Halcyon McKnight, Leap of Faith – The HM Academy, Grand Rapids