The bags have been re-packed, the last showers for a few days have been taken and a home cooked meal has been enjoyed. Tomorrow (well, technically today) the alarm goes off at 6.30 and we are off towards  Clisson Rock City and HELLFEST! Looking through an old folder I realized that there are still photos from last year that I haven't posted :O So with LOTS of delay, here comes NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS FROM HELLFEST 2016!! Stop the press and all that!!!!  This was right after the massive floods around France and Europe. Sometimes Marge Simpsons-style rain gear was required. You know, mostly for fashion-purposes.  Now I normally don't like the French burger chain "Quick" at all (I somehow think that all their restaurants smell slightly vomit-y ew) but the burgers from their van are REALLY YUMMY. They taste completely different from their usual stuff, and they sell them at a good price. Oh and they have ice cream too! Need I say more..? On a particularly happy day (who am I kidding, all days are particularly happy at Hellfest) these three musketeers shoved their way to the front section of main stage 2 to see Disturbed! Great gig! Also have fleeting recollections of dildos flying around..???  Ben! Chat pirate! Cat pirate! Meow!  Our darling friend and partner in crime Francis won a weird contest and proceeded to be crowned king, very practical as he was then always easy to spot in the crowd! I think this might be at Twisted Sisters gig... guys? If it was I'd like to add that it was great. Dee Snider for ever <3 Random pic of Glenn Hughes! Hi Glenn! You bloody legend.  Rnadom pic of Nikki Sixx! Hi Nikki! You bloody legend. Now I need to get back to the seemingly impossible feet of booking us a taxi for tomorrow morning then I'll pretend to sleep for a while, until the alarm rings and WE'RE OFF!!!! THE EXCITEMENT!!!