Cute Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Instagram

After getting engaged, the first question that might pop into your head is how to share the exciting news with loved ones.Of course you can tell people in your inner circle face-to-face. But  if your partner proposed on a trip, the best way to bring your social network Instagram up to speed.You can spread the word in a more detailed and visual way, and is ultimately a much faster method for communicating this milestone to extended friends and family. For instance, An Instagram announcement can also go beyond the ring-selfie and accompanying "I said yes! These are our favorite ways to share the news on your feed.1. Post a (Personal) Photo of Your RingTake a selfie with your future spouse, and put your ring front and center. Or putting your hand up in the sky or next to a significant building or tree, walk hand-in-hand with your partner. 2. Share the Moment in StoriesShare the moment that your fiancé on bended knee—or that first kiss as spouses-to-be. This is great material to put on Instagram Stories.Consider posting a few slides that showcase the emotion of the moment. 3. Make a ReelShout out the news to your followers with an Instagram Reel.You'll have up to 90 seconds to fill your miniature movie with images and videos from the moments before, during, and after the proposal.  4. Hide It in a HashtagMake your followers work to find out the big news with Hashtags.This way, the hashtag can be used up until your wedding day.You can share a couple shot, use the hashtag #WereEngaged or #SheSaidYes. It's also popular to use a couple's full name in the hashtag with "love story" at the end. 5. Involve Your PetLet your pet share the news.Tie the ring around his neck or put a cute sign next to him that says, "My parents are getting married" or "Future ring bearer." 6. Show Off Your Future Last NameSnap a selfie holding a sign that says "The Future Mrs. XXX" , or take a great selfie and use the hashtag #TheFutureMrsXXX if you're planning to change your name. 7. Make Your Partner The Focal Point Of Your AnnouncementPost your favorite image of your favorite person and caption it with the big news.The image can be a sweet photo of your future husband or wife down on one knee, the very first image you took of her, or a dapper shot of him in a tux at someone else's wedding. 8. Make a Wedding-Specific AccountMake a separate account specifically for your wedding journey is another new trend on Instagram.It's a great way to keep everything in one place, from  the proposal, engagement party, and for their wedding preparationsThese are typically joint accounts shared between the couple, so both partners can post exciting news and updates on it. Congratulations, now next you need to plan your wedding. There are lots of things to consider and to do, so it's best to make a list of things to do with date.For example, decide your wedding budget to confirm what style wedding you want, intimate small group, or large celebrations; Settle down wedding date; find perfect wedding venues, shopping wedding invitation suites, and send out the invites in time; shopping brides wedding dresses, groom suit,affordable bridesmaid dresses, elegantmother of the bride dresses, etc; find vendor, etc.