Reporting live from a small city in the southern part of Sweden - Lund. Let's see if i have a potential career in journalism, read on as i interview this 'far from the usual dude' - Moi ;-) Q: Why AFROFUSION? A: I adore unique and colorful fashion pieces and i spice up my outfit with clothing articles that speak to my background. Sometimes, it could just be as little as a bracelet, necklace or some other accessory with an African theme - in this outfit, it would be the shirt made from a Nigerian textile. So you can say, my personal style is usually a fusion of African fashion articles with the regular contemporary pieces. Q: What makes you stand out? A: My ability to challenge the 'usual' and showcase whatever makes me feel comforatble. When it comes to my outfits, sometimes you'll find me in the ladies section at a store, yes i buy lady's accessories and clothes just because i can. Looking at this outfit, the silver belt is actually a necklace from H&M's female section but i decided to elevate this look to achieve that dapper streetstyle effect by using it as a belt instead.  Q: What are you wearing? A: Shirt - my own design using textiles from Nigeria called ANKARA, Hat - H&M, Pocket square - H&M, Blazer - H&M, Leather Pants - H&M, White tees (long) - H&M, Silver belt - H&M, Rings - H&M, Feather Earing - Glitter, Sneakers - Topman,  Q: What do you intend to achieve with your fashion and lifestyle blog - Leturstylespeak? A: The most important for me would be to inspire every fashion enthusiast out there to think like there's is no box, wear that cloth, rock that accessory even if everyone says it is not ideal or doesnt really suit you. The most important thing is the gut feeling you get when you stand in your closet and decide what to wear. You've got to put together an ensemble that says "This is me",,, in essence LET YOUR STYLE SPEAK :-)