How to fix the Leaky Shower Head?

All the people love to get a hot shower, but it could be difficult to fix the leaking showerheads. The shower is supposed to be the best part of your daily routine. When the leaks can be serious then you have to get the services from Professional plumber. Before calling the professionals, there is a need to inspect the shower leaks. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know about the reasons for leakage if it’s behind the wall. Therefore, you have to consider the impossible leakages of our or before calling the plumber. Supplies required preventing the head leaks Here is the list of entire things that help to prevent the showerhead leaks. As per the model, you need to get the required shower head tools to prevent the seepage. Even though there are different kinds of showerheads available in the market. Professional plumber consumes different costs to repair the Leaky showerheads as per model. If you want to fix the shower heads yourself then you have to get the required materials, website. WrenchLarge bowlOld toothbrushTeflon tapeWhite vinegarPliersTowelPlastic washer Stop the leakages Firstly, there is a need to shut off the water supply. You should be able to turn off the water from shower directly, but if it’s not stopped then you need to shut off the water to the entire house.You need to cover the drain for work on the bottom of the shower with a large towel.It is the right time to remove the showerhead. You have to unscrew the showerhead from your hand. If you can’t remove the players by hand then you need to use the wrench.As well, you need to replace the watches for rubbers of the showerhead. You have to change it when it looks damaged. If it is in the good shape then you have to wrap the thread or Teflon tape on the pipe. This tape helps to seal the gap in showerhead or piping.You need to clean the showerhead. There is a need to submerge the showerhead in vinegar. Let its place at least for 2 hours. You need to unsoiled the shower head with hot water. There is a need to use an old toothbrush. You can Scrub between the nozzles by use of a toothbrush.Now, you have to reattach the showerhead. If you are not able to fix it by hand then you can use the wrench. At the time of tightening the showerhead, you have to perfectly fix it. There is a need to turn on the water and if the shower leaking then you have to follow the steps again All these steps are helpful to fix the hour hand at home. You don’t need to call the professional plumber to fix the shower head.  As well, you can save a lot of money by fixing the Leaky shower head on your own.