Design and implementation of hotel guest room information management system

The main contents of this paper are as follows: The design and implementation of a modern hotel guest room information management system are introduced from the aspects of system function module, realization goal and object-based design process.Booking HK hotelsand accomodations have never been easy. Online booking available at hotel, with the best rates guaranteed. Suitable for families and business travelers at all budgets. Make your reservation now! The key technologies of the system are also analyzed. Solutions: The system can realize the functions of room reservation, accommodation registration, accommodation reminder, additional deposit, room transfer registration, check-out checkout,her2 breast cancer billing, query statistics, pre-receipt sales reports and so on. his A reminder can be made to warn the front desk when the accommodation fee exceeds the customer's deposit. The staff will inform the guest to make up the deposit, which can obviously increase the accommodation fee for the accommodation staff. Effective management. Dynamic real-time accommodation registration, guest room adjustment, sales report and additional deposit. Organically linked together, the hotel room management in all directions. The main functions of the system include: 1) housing management: room reservation, accommodation registration, additional deposit, housing registration, check-out checkout. 2) room management: room setup, room inquiry, room status view; 3) account management: Accounting inquiry, customer checkout; 4) enquiry statistics: booking room enquiries, lodging enquiries, lodging inquiries, reminders of lodging fees; 5) day knot: pre registration report, room sales report, room sales statistics; 6) system settings: initialization, operator settings, password settings, and permissions settings. How to solve the problem: 1. the general hotel business process, as shown in Figure 1: 2. according to the business situation of the hotel and the system diagram drawn up,