From Brooklyn

Hello!We never had the american burgers last night.. We went to Korea Town instead hehe. Guess what we had? BIBIMBAP! It's one of my favourites when it comes to food. In our last magazine nr, you find a delicious recipe you just gotta try it! Here it is!Anyway, yesterday we walked around Brooklyn and we really dig it! It's cosy and nice and we visited our host at a fare where she was attending with her beautiful jewelleries! You'll be able to read more about that in the coming number of Red Llama..It's been freezing cold here in NY, probably the same as home, only with one difference - I haven't got any winter clothes. But you know what they say - that means more shopping for me! Today we're staying in Brooklyn since we have some work that needs to be done. However, for lunch we're definitely eating burgers! And tonight hanging out with our host, sharing some good ole stories..Tomorrow is our last day in NYC WHAAAAT?!! So, we are going to the National Museum, close to Central Park. We are super excited to see the big dino skeleton! On tuesday we fly to Ecuador and to the summer, thank god.Take care y'all!!