Maxinne Björk: “It should be equally as normal to speak about sexuality as the weather!”

This post is in collaboration with Elexir Pharma & Apohem I have now worked with Elexir Pharma for a bit over a year. Cause I really like their products and their goal for healthy living and over all wellbeing. They asked me if I wanted to do an interview about my life, my views of a healthy lifestyle, about female sexuality, different tips for taking care of oneself and on top of that - my favorite vitamins and foods. It was really fun to do this article with them and to share my beliefs about health and well being. What makes me the most happy in my daily life. How I enhance my lifestyle with different tricks. If that interests you you can have a look HERE (click for link).Also they are giving a generous discount on my favorite vitamins <3It's in Swedish though, but just use google translate ;-) It actually works very well!Enjoy!