Suntanning for new areas

I recently learned from a yogi friend here in India that our most sensitive place on our body (our dear butthole) receives the light in its purest and most potent form. 30 seconds of sun light on your butthole allows you to absorb more vital energy than an entire day in the sun wearing a bikini or normal clothing!! How magical! So this has now become a part of the daily routine ! So important to give love to all our body parts too, easy to forget whats hiding down under next to your genitals. Most perfect is that I have the best spot to be practicing this technique every day - my beloved roof top. Ah, love learning new health benefits :) !!Give it a try guys ! It felt magical spreading our buttchecks in the air fronting mama sun. And tomorrow it's Christmas !!! Woohooo! Cant wait. Today we have been preparing for the celebrations and for the gift games :-D !!!<3