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Hi everyone who is interested in joining my offerings <3In this post I am gathering all my 3 workshops for women which is in the loop this spring.To book any of them, you need to email [email protected] have written by each workshop how many spots is available, but keep in mind that I may haven't been able to update it. Email me to check!My workshops are always in full consent, you will not be forced to do anything which feels uncomfortable to you. So if there is something which you don't resonate with you or feels too much in that moment - I will support you to support yourself with healthy boundaries.★Women Only The Creative Feminine  Sunday the 10th of April (fully booked)Sunday the 24th of April (fully booked)Sunday the 8th of May (fully booked)Sunday the 22nd of May (fully bocked)Saturday the 4th of June (fully booked) 9:30 am - 6:30 pm in Stockholm Let’s blossom into our higher realms, with the support of an intimate group of women.A one day mini festival of play, exploration and creating.Exploring our feminine eroticism through our senses, movement & art. This is the workshop I’m recommending most women to begin with who are reaching out to me wanting to work on their sexuality and connection with self. The focus in this workshop is to build a relationship with our body, learning how to communicate with our inner self and build a strong foundation. I created this setup after I realized what was missing for me when I jumped out in the void to work on my sexuality years ago. I didn’t have a strong connection with my body at that time - which made me not fully able to absorb all that I learned.  So my belief today is that step 1 for all exploration - is becoming best friends with our sacred temple - The Body. In this workshop we will activate the sacred feminines most powerful tool - our divine creativity to awaken our inner aliveness.Understanding the power we withhold and how it amplifies when we are in a supportive space with other women. Realizing how our beauty is never ending and ever expanding when we come closer to an acceptance of ourselves.Learning how to love ourselves on deeper levels with the help of play. This day we will explore:★ How to live a more connected life and how to come in deeper contact with your body★ Learning more about our nervous system and how to support it in the best ways★ Movement & embodiment practices★ Discussions about bodies, social norms, our limited beliefs about ourselves, slut shaming, body positivity★ Sacred Ritual★ Using art therapy★ Normalizing nudity★ Ending with a creative photoshoot to step into our full power★ You will receive one edited photo of yourself after the workshop This workshop is always boosted by a filled goodie bag of all my favorite women health supplies. Just as an extra boost in your journey towards self love. Worth of approx. 2500 SEK. 1950 sekEmail [email protected] book your space 🙏🏼 This workshop will contain nudity, but everything is always optional in my workshops.It will be in Swedish. INITIATRIX Saturday the 16th April 15:00 - 20:00At LAMB, Drottninggatan 71C - (fully booked) Do you want to feel the high of being sexually liberated? I’m providing you with a sanctuary where your wildest dreams can be explored through the expression of your body.This is a space where you are allowed to show your full sensual self with no limitations and rules. Everything is allowed & welcomed, all layers of your wild inner being. Let’s jump into the void of wilderness together! Welcome to my FAVORITE workshop ;-) That’s just because this is my ultimate PARADISE! I had been dreaming about a workshop like this and not yet found it, so I just had to create it for myself. And the last event was pure bliss! Saturday the 16th April 15:00 - 20:00@ LAMB - Limited spots Im sure I have many fellow sisters out there, who is just craving to let their inner wilderness break into a roar. Grind yourself along the floor and moan. Sway your hips until your sweat is dripping on the floor. A space where there is no judgement.No hierarchy.Were everything is welcomed.Exploring our too muchness.Letting the dəsire lead the way.The urge to be free, full of juice and richness.Embodying the ultimate səא goddess,running through our veins.  This evening is not about performing.This is to fuel the inner power of YOU.Blowing air on the burning fire inside of you and allowing the EXPANSION. We will use our power to inspire our sisters to step into the front line.A space where we will initiate each other to the power houses that we already are.Making lovə with our souls through movement.Allowing every bit of us to vibrate of pleasure.Everything is allowed.Be prepared to be triggered, in a safe container.Dance alone, dance together - this space is for you.To explore the deepest dəsires within.In a non judgemental space of only women.EVERYTHING IS WELCOME, YOU are welcome. ★Lecture, sharings, sənsual embodiment practices, movement★Ending with a səxy group photoshoot (optional)★You will receive a selection of edited photos, a few alone + with the group Dresscode: Something you feel VERY lush in1300:-Email [email protected] to book Sacred Pussy Relating  Sunday the 17th of April 14:00 - 18:00 (fully booked)Sunday the 15th of May 11:00-15:00 (3 spots left) To all vagina bearers! Do you want to feel aliveness running through your veins? Feeling turned on by life?Awaken your sexual energy?And blossom into your full erotic potential? Then this is for you ;) As women, it’s very hard to be in alignment with our full aliveness if we aren’t connected to our sacred womb. Our holy essence as women. Our vagina. The majority of women today walks around on this planet with numb vᴀginas - simply cause we weren’t taught better. One of the most helpful tools in the beginning of my journey to enhance my sexual energy and learning to get a more healthy relationship with my pussy - is yoni egg practice. I have been passionated of this for years and I believe it will be a life long romance. Introduction to Crystal Yoni Egg practice & creating a sacred bond with your vagina💛For everyone with a vagina who wants to enhance your femininity, connection and pleasure The event will contain:★Lecture around jade egg practice, the history, how to do it & why. ★Learning about crystals and their different energetic impacts on you and your yoni★Lecture about pelvic floor health, pleasure & how to create an intimate relationship with our vagina★Yoni Yoga, meditations & exercises ★Feminine embodiment practices★Sharings You can bring your own egg if you have one, or I will have a big selection of ethically sources Yoni eggs for sale. Many different crystals & sizes. I will guide you HOW to choose your egg, and how it will choose you! There will be time to sterilize the egg before the actual practice starts.  Price 1000:- Email me to get your spot <[email protected] If you have any questions feel free to email me on [email protected] is no stupid questions and the most important this is that you feel safe before booking <3