Don't Call a Psychic Hotline (Unless You Do This First)

Who else is thinking about calling a psychic? Are you interested in psychic readings, or having an experience with a medium, or even just indulging your own curiosity about what your future MAY hold? If you are anything like I used to be, the simple truth is, you are probably CURIOUS but not convinced, and the only way to get proof that psychics are REAL is to call one yourself, right?The truth is, there are lots of different types of psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and intuitive professionals working both online and off, and recognizing the difference between a genuinely talented intuitive, and a "poser" or well-intentioned reader, is really very significant.Want to know the cold hard truth?In my 20 years of psychic writing, research and voicemail , I've had countless experiences with readers of all types and stripes - from the famous to the obscure. I've had disappointing experiences with well internationally recognized celebrity psychics, and had crazy "WOW" experiences with local, or phone psychics that no one has heard of, that have truly amazed and impressed me beyond what words can convey.If YOU are serious about getting a reading, and calling a psychic hotline, service or network, here is the ONE thing you must do if quality is important to you:Do your due diligence.Don't allow yourself to be suckered by offers that sound too good to be true. Avoid readers who offer "100% free" readings, or services that have very unprofessional websites, no advertised customer service, or who DON'T (or won't) take credit card payments. (I've been contacted by 2 or 3 subscribers recently who paid for a reading via Paypal or wire transfer because the "service" didn't accept traditional payment options, and this SHOULD be a red flag if you see it)