Who Calls Psychic Hotlines? The Shocking Truth About Psychic Junkies You MUST Not Miss

Who calls psychic hotlines, services or online networks? Do real people, with REAL needs and real problems really rely on telephone psychics? And if so many people are so skeptical about psychic abilities, why is the telephone psychic business BOOMING the way it is? As someone who has worked both personally and professionally as a publisher of information in the psychic industry for close to 20 years, the ONE thing that comes up over and over again, especially in my "skeptical" friends is always the same: "Who in fact REALLY believes that psychic abilities are true, and who are the people who actually CALL psychics for answers in the first place?" The truth MAY shock you... The fact is, if you are one of us who DO believe that australia temporary phone number abilities are real, and that there is FAR more to the human experience than that which meets the eye, you are NOT alone. As a matter of fact, you're in pretty good (and smart!) company. The statistics show that the MORE educated people are, the more likely they are to to believe in psychic abilities, with college educated professionals being amongst the HIGHEST in terms of over BELIEF...and personal participation in seeking out psychic experiences. As a matter of fact... If there is a STEREOTYPE of the typical psychic caller or client, it would be a professional woman, who earns OVER $50,000.00 per year, has a college degree, and is most interested in seeking either professional romantic advice or career insight and validation they can't get elsewhere. (men represent about 25% of psychic customers, especially online or by phone) Did you know that many, many celebrities, politicians and even world leaders have used the services of psychics to make important decisions, to seek out uncommon insight, or to make MAJOR life decisions that they simply wouldn't have had the confidence to make otherwise? For example? Hillary Clinton was well known to have had psychic seances when she was in the White House as first lady. (until the media found out and made it a big negative news story) Princess Diana is WELL known for having a number of psychic advisors in her inner circle...and is recognized for her reliance on their advice, input and counselor before making ANY major life decision. (regretfully, some say...disregarding the warnings she was given about the danger she was facing before her death) Abraham Lincoln, was WELL known to use psychic mediums in the White House, was a big believe in psychic abilities and is well documented to have predicted his own death...after seeing his spirit body "leave" his physical body while staring in the mirror one day, later famously telling his wife he would be soon assassinated.