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The city of London is one of the wealthiest, glassiest, cleanest and many properly kept places on earth. A much cry from the smoking and soot of years gone by, England's capital is today a tour de force of sharp, smooth and visible stores and streets. The city never seemed so good. After a year of Olympic enjoyment and the Stone Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, persons almost discovered themselves forgetting so it was ever any different - but obviously, it was. London has a secret or two under its gleaming roads of glass and white rock - and one particularly is very filthy indeed. You may wonder what this kind of dark secret could be. Certainly nothing could match the gory episode of Jack the Ripper, the terrible wreckage of the Great Fireplace or the peculiar little identified proven fact that the System of London is made from rock meticulously delivered from northern France? Properly, no. Far less extravagant, but greatly dirtier, is the city's recent set of problems... down below. It is really a little identified proven fact that London is constantly incontinent. The city's previous drainage and waste removal programs are a number of the oldest on earth, and in their time were developed to a capacity far, far larger compared to needs of that time period demanded. Regardless gutter replacement of this foresight on the element of London's good builders, however, the city has come old and is finding it tougher and tougher to cope with the city's colossal quantities of - in the words of Harry Enfield - unmentionables. Once reported one of the eight miracles of the professional world, the sewers and pipes of London are actually almost too much for all the products London needs to place at them. Under our feet, London is getting ready to burst. This is a issue that, if you'll pardon the expression, involves the top now and then. The terrible routine of London families, as an example, of draining cooking fat down your kitchen sink has resulted in great sections of nasties clogging the pipework under - one 'fat-berg' whilst the obstructions have come to be called was removed in 2007, evaluating an extraordinary fifteen tons. Still another removed in 2013 was how big certainly one of London's popular buses. That degree of obstructions is too much for even probably the most experienced strain and gutter products that London may contact upon, and it's a challenge that is just going to get worse whilst the city's citizenry burgeons more still. There's an even greater issue, however - London's sewers are significantly unable to keep their waste. It apparently now just has a several millimetres of rain to overcome the entire process and then, distress and fear, out in to the Thames the waste flows. This is simply not only horrifically unhygienic and an amazing step backwards. Because the English Islands experience more sour winters, Atlantic storms and normal flooding as a result of environment change, it's a challenge that might become permanent. This will take the city of London straight back almost two century to the Great Stink - and potentially on an extremely normal basis. This will mean that whilst the city's citizenry and waste grows, its power to withhold it might diminish and the mighty River Thames might once more become the key sewage artery of the city. Worse however, if that is possible, any flooding of London's roads would mean an inundation greater than only rainwater. And for all the strain specialists and gutter products from London, this really will be a issue too large to solve. Anarchy in the UK might take on a whole new meaning.