? How many types of Bluetooth modules are there?

There are many types of Bluetooth module mainly depending on their usage scenarios and functions. Here are some common Bluetooth module types:      Classic Bluetooth module: Used for traditional Bluetooth connections, such as audio devices, data transmission, etc. Bluetooth Classic typically covers shorter range communication needs.      Low-power Bluetooth module (BLE): Suitable for low-power, long-life battery operation scenarios, such as smart devices, sensors, health monitoring equipment, etc.      Bluetooth Mesh module: Used to build a Bluetooth Mesh network to achieve many-to-many communication between devices. Commonly found in smart homes and lighting systems.      Dual-mode Bluetooth module: Supports both classic Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth, giving the device more flexible connection capabilities.      Bluetooth Audio Module: Designed for audio devices such as headphones, speakers, and car audio systems.      Bluetooth serial port module: Bluetooth module used to simplify serial communication and facilitate wireless communication between embedded systems and microcontrollers.      Bluetooth WiFi combination module: Integrate Bluetooth and WiFi functions into the same module to provide more comprehensive wireless connection capabilities.      Long-distance Bluetooth module: For application scenarios that need to cover larger distances, such as Bluetooth advertising, positioning and industrial automation.      Bluetooth USB module: Connect to computer or other devices through USB interface to achieve Bluetooth communication.      Bluetooth development board: Not just a module, but a whole development board with integrated Bluetooth function for rapid prototyping and development. These types of Bluetooth modules cover a variety of application needs, from simple data transmission to complex IoT and smart home applications. Choosing the appropriate Bluetooth module depends on specific project requirements and usage scenarios.