? The E104-BT02 Bluetooth module

The E104-BT02 Bluetooth Module is developed based on Dialog's DA14580 chip. It is a super cost-effective 1mW (0dBm) serial port to BLE module, small-volume patch package, PCB on-board antenna, and works in the 2.4GHz frequency band. The Bluetooth module integrates transparent transmission function, master-slave integration, ready to use. Supports serial port commands to configure module parameters and functions, and is widely used in wearable devices, home automation, home security, personal health care, smart home appliances, accessories and remote controls, automobiles, lighting, industrial Internet and other fields. The module has high stability and ultra-low Sleep power consumption, the minimum operating current in slave mode is less than 3uA (with the broadcast function turned on), and it can be powered by a single button battery. The data transmission is stable and efficient. In the slave mode, it supports the data continuous transmission function with a maximum baud rate of 19200bps. It is a veritable data transparent transmission module. The E104-BT02 module supports the standard BluetoothV4.1 protocol. UART module After simple configuration, it can establish a connection with any host that conforms to the Bluetooth 4.1 protocol to realize serial data transparent transmission. The wireless module supports the master-slave role configuration, which can realize the point-to-point connection of the master-slave module to realize the fast transparent transmission function of data. Minimize developer work and project development time.