E103-W02 Wifi module

The E103-W02 module is developed based on TI's CC3200 chip. The module integrates the transparent transmission function, which can be used out of the box and supports the serial port AT command set. Users can use the network access function through the serial port. It has been widely used in wearable devices, home automation, home security, personal health care, smart home appliances, accessories and remote control Devices, automobiles, lighting, industrial Internet and other fields. E103-W02 module supports standard IEEE802.11b/g/n protocol and complete TCP/IP protocol stack, supports STA/AP working mode, supports SmartConfig, serial port transparent transmission, power-on transparent transmission and other functions, and can be very convenient after simple configuration Conveniently implement the network access function, minimizing the developer's work and project development time. E103-W02 is an ultra-low power serial port to Wi-Fi module, SMD small-volume package, PCB antenna, working in the 2.4~2.484GHz frequency band. The module can use the serial port to send and receive data, lowering the threshold of wireless applications.