The USB port can be used to connect a storage device

In addition, routers may have other ports, such as USB ports and Console ports. The USB port can be used to connect a storage device, such as a hard drive or a flash drive, so that it can be shared across the network. The Console port is a serial port that can be used to connect to the router's command-line interface for advanced configuration.There is an independent operating system running in the router, which is specially designed for the router, and is designed to support the main function of the router, which is to forward data packets from one network to another. Usually built on top of Linux or other open source operating systems. They are usually very simple and contain only the basic functions required by a router. These functions include:Network connection: adaptateur ethernet rs485 The router system supports the function of the router to connect to the Internet and the internal network.Routing function: A router system is responsible for forwarding packets from one network to another.Firewall function: The router system can be configured with firewall rules to protect the network from external threats.Network Services: The router system can run various network services such as DHCP server and DNS server.Router systems usually have a simple command-line interface that can be used to configure the router and manage the network. There are also router systems that provide a graphical user interface that can be accessed viaWebBrowser access, which can help users simplify operations,convertisseur ethernet vers rs485 and it is more convenient and quick to set advanced functions such as port forwarding. After talking about routers, it is time to introduce the port mapping function that routers or products generally have.