I scrolled past this magic the other day and felt an instant need to save it. Everything Sasha Burns does is just amazing and her eye for interior and fashion is just incredible! If you don't follow her already, go do it - you won't regret it.  How're you guys today? I feel drained of energy and a bit uninspired. I've slept pretty poorly the last couple of nights and I've been up really early every day for the last week or two and I can definitely feel that catching up right now. Luckily I've managed to get the most important studying done for the day though. I'm officially in exam time and I'm writing my first one in less than a  week whilst also handing in a major assignment on the same day so that's my main focus right now. But...even though there's so much to do I'm trying to be nice towards myself today and be happy about the things that I've managed to do so far. I'm also really happy and glad that I was able to jog 5k this morning for the first time since I did my back. I've slowly been adding on distance and even though my body and mind is feeling tired today it felt so good to move for a bit.  Either way, what I wanted to say today was mainly that you can't be on top all the time and that's okay, remember that sissy's!