Energy boosting smoothie & exams

Hey, how're you today sissy's? I'm currently sipping on my morning smoothie whilst clicking through some blogs. I'm writing my kinesiology exam after lunch today but kinda just want it to start now. I work best in the morning so I always get a bit restless and nervous when writing exams late in the afternoon. Either way, to give myself some extra energy I popped some coffee in my smoothie. I normally don't drink coffee mainly because I'm not a huge fan of the taste - but I do love it when it is in a smoothie mixed with some of my favourite things. And I felt like I needed the extra kick today! If you'd like to make an energy boosting smoothie that also satisfies your sweet tooth, this one is for you: 1 frozen banana1 handful of spinach1 cup (2 dl) natural almond milk1 shot of coffee (espresso, or really strong brew)2 tbl raw cacao1 tbl maca1 tbl natural peanut butterPinch of cinnamon