That post run glow & a little reminder

Is there anything better than the feeling that you get after a run? I honestly don't think so - or maybe it would be the post run glow! I felt unmotivated before my run today, I was tired from work and nervous about my exams coming up tomorrow and on Friday. But after some mental convincing I managed to put my shoes on, get to the beach and move my body. I felt pretty much straight away that I wasn't going to be able to just run today so instead I jogged a kilometre before putting myself through some hill sprints and it turned out I had a lot more to give than I thought to start with! For me that was the perfect happy pill on this tired Wednesday. Whatever you're up to today - make sure you get some time for yourself. Move your body, sit down with that book you've been wanting to read for a while or make a nice cup of tea. Health is wealth sissy's, don't forget that ♥ My absolute favourite place when I just need to let go! Now I'm gonna make some hot chocolate before I fall asleep early to get ready for tomorrow, wish me luck ♥