An energetic week & meditation classes

Hey darlings, how're you going today? I've had the most productive week and my energy levels have been out of this world...until today haha. Today I'm just feeling generally tired and I've struggled with concentration since I woke up. The funny thing is that I've tried it all - I had a workout, I've spent time outside in the fresh air and I've been eating healthy foods that would normally fuel my body to be able to achieve miracles. But's simply not happening. I'm hoping that I'm gonna get an energy burst tonight so that I can get through some more studying then since my exams are at the end of next week. Anyways, ignoring today I really have had an amazing week. My energy's high, I'm physically active a lot and studying has been really easy. I look forward to finishing off my second year at university next week and going into a summer filled with physical work and looking for the perfect placement rather than sitting at a desk. It's funny thinking about you guys going into winter and it becoming summer here, I never get used to that!  inspiration Tomorrow morning I'm going to a meditation class at my yoga studio (where I haven't been for a while in all honesty). I'm actually a bit nervous. I love all things mindfulness and meditation but feel like I've been avoiding it a little lately and I've actually never been to a meditation class before. I really look forward to it though, especially since I know how much it does for my concentration. Hope you guys have a cozy Thursday ♥