Time to relax

A calm vacation breakfast from Sweden this past summer...I look forward to having one of those mornings tomorrow Hey darlings, hope you're having a nice Monday morning!  My day started slowly after a long sleepless night, my body was aching and I was twisting and turning the whole night. Not the best start to a week especially since I had an exam this morning, but I managed to turn it around and ended up absolutely acing my exam. And even though I was completely dead after the exam I just love the feeling of hard work paying off. Last week was hectic and I know that the next three weeks are going to be full on too, but after this morning's success I feel motivated again. But...before I start studying for my finals I'm taking the rest of today and tomorrow off for some proper self-care. I'm gonna go for long walks, finish the book I'm currently reading and just take care of myself ♥ What do you guys have planned this week?