On Tuesday last week I hopped on a train heading towards Gävle, where two of my faves live. Simon! And Carro!! <3 We hung out on their veranda, grilled burgers and little Bonnie disappeared into a pillow. After dinner Simon built a fire and Carro and I sat in a hammock, felt extremely zen & idyllic. The calm before the storm so to speak...  Then we were just one sleep away from Sweden Rock! YAY.  So very happy to call these two nuts my friends <3 Carro and I spent most of the trip (around 8 hours by car) making fun of the little town-names, Simon mostly sighed and commented that it's weird how there are two of us with the same extremely simple sense of humour. I think he secretly finds us hilarious though. Bussar: busesPussar: kisses <3 We set up camp in our regular spot (well, kind of next to our regular spot, someone had beaten us to it - we proceeded not to speak to them in protest throughout the festival. As you do.), "I'm from Sweden, I fix I fix" was said a lot. I had bought a Queen sized mattress as my regular one broke on day one last year. Slept on a flat piece of plastic for 5 days, alternating with cuddling up to Carro on her single bed, trés cozy. This year nothing broke and Simon even brought a little battery driven pump so it all felt extremely smooth. We even had chairs this year! This driving business certainly paid off. Not because I drove at all but mostly snoozed in the backseat. Hehehee. Even sun, camp set up, first beer of the festival: happy, happy times.  Even happier times: years first langos!!! Deep fried dough with sour cream, garlic and cheese. Need I say more? When it got chilly and a bit rainy we traipsed up to Simons friends who came in a camper van. Felt very luxurious to be sitting inside at this point.  Then we traipsed back to our camp for the night, checked out buses along the way. This one with an interesting pee-ing technique for example.  We wandered extremely slowly as some trucks decided to do work on the little road at that very moment. Got a bit cold and a bit over it, but the next day was sunny and beautiful - more about that later! Now I'm back in Stockholm at moms until tomorrow when we (Carro, Simon & I) are heading back to Paris then on to Hellfest! Stay tuned for lots more festivaling :D