Well... I received some comments on instagram regarding the dry fasting "that it is not actually healthy", and other opinions from people. Thank you for caring, but I have my own beliefs and you have yours - let's respect each other for that instead of insisting that your way is the right way. Cause, did you really try? And you can talk from your own experiences? Then I am ready to hear your opinion about it. I recommend you to try things before having too harsh opinions. I asked Alice who is an expert in this area to write me a text about Dry Fasting for you, the benefits and the background <3 Read more below.For me it was really challenging. The first half of the day was kind of okey, but at lunch time when it was on the peak of the heat here in Koh Phangan my energy completely ran out. Next time I will dry fast I will for sure do it in a little bit cooler climate than the tropics. During this whole fasting period too both me and Manu have had pretty full on schedule, which probably wasn't the smartest. We have been in 2 different workshops, one 1-day workshop and one 4 day workshop which is on going at the moment. But pretty intense to try to balance your energy at the time you are supposed to be present and have a clear mind for teachings. Well.. Somehow this was meant to be, so we have had our emotional breakdowns, argues, weirdness situations - but in the same time supported each other fully. In our daily life, I am more like a full speed monster who can't see my limitations while Manu is more of an empathetic harmonios Epicurean. I am explaining our extremes here, for sure I have a calm side and he have a speedy Gonzales side too, but in this case we are good for each other. I need someone who takes me down to earth and slows me down while Manu needs someone to boost and encourages his drive a little bit extra with some fire. But now we were both very excited to do some work shops before we both left the island. So I think we both learnt after this period to slow down a bit next time together - but at the same time - OH how much we have learnt about ourselves, each other and new amazing teachings to apply to our life. I wanted to share one of my deepest emotional dips during this dry fast, which was very intense. After a full night and a full day, about 26 hours in total. We were home in bed and were about to sleep. No one of us were tired at all, both in bed staring up in the ceiling. Filled with strange sensations in the body that I had never experienced before. I would have judged them as uncomfortable, but mostly cause I didn't know and I couldn't recognize them, easier to put them in a specific box and put a name on it like most of us tend to do. But it didn't work in this case - we just had to surrender to it. So while my body  was in confusion of what was going on I started to feel such a strange pain in my heart, not really a pain that I could connect with "it's something wrong with my heart, I am about to die", more a strong feeling of pain emotionally. It was like something sharp kept on digging in my heart and I had the feeling strongly of being unwanted. It was spinning around in my body and I started crying like a wild person in bed, while Manu was next to me and holding space. He was feeling strange and shitty him too but still he managed to be my strong support during my breakdown. I cried it all out, then I was lying like a little round ball in bed breathing while Manu hold me. Some breathing techniques and then all of a sudden I was a kilo lighter. Not in weight, but it felt like something massive that didn't serve me anymore left my body for good. In our protocol Alice wrote for us, it was two different options, either dry fast for 24 hours or 36 hours. We both went for 36 hours. So after my emotional drama in bed Manu fell a sleep, and me not. I couldn't sleep so I was laying there for hours. Until I felt that my body told me to go and drink something. I was debating if I would listen or not, then I came to the conclusion that YES - my body knows what its doing. So I broke my Dry fast at 30 hours instead. Which didn't feel like a failure at all. I was so proud over myself after anyway. I broke it with a specific technique guided by Alice which is important after longer dry fasts, to alkaline your body before putting something in there again. First that - THEN COCONUTS! AND WOW... Liquids have never been so good in my whole life. It took me a while until I fell a sleep - but wow, what a journey.  Alice knowledge sharing about DRY FASTING Dry fasting is the top of the mountain when it comes to fasting i.e. is the MOST powerful - it's said that one day of DF-ing is equivalent to 3 days of water fasting. What happens is that when the body is not being given any water, it's forced to have to access the water stored in fat cells, so these fat cells are destroyed and a lot of waste is eliminated. It also enables the kidneys to start filtering the lymphatic system (which is the body's waste sewer system and the source of all disease) when it becomes stagnant, so kidney filtration is absolutely key. Dr Filonov, a Ukrainian scientist, has done extensive research into dry fasting with astounding results but these studies are not available in the west and are largely suppressed. For instance, out of all of his books and published papers, only one is available in English and is a Google-translated version and language is awkward but the information contained within it is truly life changing! We've been lied to about our body and how it works and there's so much we're in the dark about ... much that's been forgotten, but this ancient wisdom (known by the yogis, practiced by Jesus, in the desert - he did 40 days dry fast, John the Baptist too, and other references dotted about in all spiritual traditions) is now resurfacing and gathering a lot of momentum at just the right time, when humanity needs it the most. We are all extremely toxic due to our environment and the limitations places upon us and exhausted from being in 'fight or flight' stress response constantly ... and there's nothing to fear when it comes to dry fasting - it's a very natural process, as natural as eating and drinking, in fact... and it's so beneficial for the body. As with all things, try it for yourself and the results will speak for themselves. Safety is always tantamount when it comes to fasting, so do make sure to break your dry fast correctly and err on the side of caution in terms of duration - less is more! Don't overdo it, the more gently the better but even as absolute beginner to fasting can safely undergo a 24 hour dry fast, whilst more seasoned yogis and healthy eating advocates can start with 36 hours weekly and work up from there. The key with dry fasting is in consistency and in ELIMINATION. It's absolutely essential that you engage in some colon cleansing the day you break your dry fast, whether that's a home enema or a colonic session with a therapist. The colon is one of the main organs of elimination (alongside the skin and kidneys) and A LOT will have been eliminated during the dry fast, so make sure to clean all that out to prevent reabsorption and autointoxication, which can cause a whole host of unpleasant detox symptoms.If you want to read more about what Alice does, you can join her facebook group FASTING WITH ALICE (click for link)