The Soul Space

Again I would like to share with you my journey I have had with Yogiakademin. But first - let's make something clear - Yokiakademin have changed their name to THE SOUL SPACE (click for their webpage). We don't have to go into details why the changed their name but it was needed with a big shift. It's the same amazing team with Josefine as before, same locations and a new a bit upgraded program. A few years ago I was a bit lost and stuck in my life. I felt I was in the complete wrong direction for what I wanted in my life. But I had pushed myself for such a long time in the wrong direction without giving myself any space to reflect if I was making the right choices in life, so I lost my self a bit on the way. Josefine and her program really helped me to get back on track. It is so much more than just a yoga retreat - it is really a journey within yourself with deep reflections of where you are at - and how to strive towards your dreams. So my first trip with them in India really made me shift and see my own potential again. I will be forever thankful for what they have given me. And how Josefine have become a good friend of mine <3Now when I was in India I brought Manuele and Sophia to go visit them just for a few days, not the full retreat! It was really beautiful to return to the place where so much happened within me. I could see how I have changed since the first time I was there! After my first journey in India with them I have also been in Bretagne / France with them, introduced my exboyfriend and some other close friends to this too. They all have loved it - cause its truly something to love. Its doesn't matter how far you have come in your yoga practice or if you never tried before. There is always people who experience yoga for their first time, as well as experienced practitioners. You can adapt it to where you are at the moment. Below is a little flashback from my past trips. Also if you want to read about my other trips with them you can click on the links below;France 1France 2France 3India 1India 2India 3LOTS OF LOVE <3 <3