One day at Sweden Rock it was finally  SUNNY! We ran (or not) down to the beach.  Simon (pictured with clothes-pile on head) was feeling rough after the night before, Carro stayed on the beach to pat him on the head/laugh at his sad state. Hehehe. While I braved the COLD water. Freezing but oh so refreshing, no better hangover cure than a dip.  For lunch we grilled hot dogs :) the beach and the fact that you're allowed to barbecue are two things Sweden Rock definitely have over Hellfest.  Ice cream for dessert for some. I skipped it due to childhood trauma (hi mom) ;)  Love this view <3 This year there was a GLITTER ROOM! I ran then proceeded to sprinkle glitter all around me until the end of the festival. LOVE. SPARKLES.  Fish n chips for dinner, another up SRF has over Hellfest: the great choice of foodtrucks! Hung out with our neighbours "the strawhats" for a while. They played, we watched. I'm not much for games, I get a bit anxious and panicky... Then it was finally time for some gigs! First up: Ratt!  Followed by: Scorpions! Who were sadly a complete snooze-fest... they played well and all, just SO dull.  The best part was Mikkey Dees drum solo, and when the drum solo is the most fun part of a gig you know it's pretty damn bad...  Mikkey Dee (Swedish! Represent!) used to play in Motörhead, so there was a bit of a Lemmy-tribute which was lovely <3 The night ended with Running Wild, which was so much fun but my feet were so incredibly sore at this point it was hard to think about anything else.. Anyway, good ol' pirate-rock to finish off another great day at SRF :) Only one more Sweden Rock-post to go now! Only two months later, haha.