Always on the run

I’ve been travelling a lot lately.  What I’ve been doing the last weeks:I went home to Sweden from New York to see my family for a week. I, like the rest of my family was sick for the whole week so it was nice to just spend time with them and take it easy. Then I flew to Germany to see my lovely agency in Munich and also some clients there and in Hamburg Surfers in the middle of Munich, pretty cool! After that I spend one day in Sweden before going all the way back to America and Wisconsin again to work with Shopbop, love them all so much, always have so fun when working with them.  My amazing parents came to surprise me on my only day in Sweden! We went to the Bergius Botanical garden in Stockholm and to a christmas market. Then finally I came to London. And here I am, so excited to spend the last weeks before christmas in this city. My first weekend here was great, I met up with some friends, went to christmas markets and had some really good vegan food.It is so nice to see my Elite family here in London again, they always make me feel like I’m in really good hands. I’ve already had castings to do, but because of an allergy reaction I wasn’t able to do any for two days.. But now I’m back on track again and sooo ready !  Today was a busy day, four castings and polaroids + video at the agency. But it all went pretty well I think, you never really know.I had a gap around lunchtime so I went to LEON which was just around the corner of my next casting and got some food. LEON is a fast food chain where you can get healthy (or not so healthy) and fresh food for a small price. You can pick between salads, wraps, hot boxes, sides, breakfast, smoothies, drinks, sweets etc… There is a few vegan options, I had their quinoa salad with semi-dried tomatoes, veggies and pomegranate seeds which was good! At one casting the photographer took a snap with a polaroid camera, love those cameras and the excitement to see the photo when it comes out.