BFFF = Black Fur-Free Friday!

Today is Black Friday, a big shoppingday for many people. Shops all over the world have big sales and people go crazy and buy things they need or sometimes just because it’s cheep.But today is not only Black Friday, it’s also ”Fur free Friday”. I want to arise awareness and put a little more consious in peoples shopping choices today. Before you buy that warm and fluffy furcoat or those amazing leatherpants just because it’s ”real” and ”luxurious”, please give a little thought for the leftover from that dead animal you are buying. That animal had to suffer to become the clothing that you want to buy and wear. Already when that animal was born it had it’s sentence to die and become clothing, and been taken it’s rights for a normal natural animal life. Only in Sweden 1 million minks are killed every year for it’s fur. And during their short lifetime they are often forced into small cages with bad living conditions.And what do they make of the flesh? They press the fat out and use it for makup. Cool, very nice…I don’t know about you but for me it all sounds kind of gross, the thought of wearing someone elses skin and fat on my body. Imagine if it was human skin and fat, would you still buy it then? I’m not perfect, in my job it’s hard to avoid wearing fur, skin and cosmetic with animal products in it. But I want to get better and want to find other alternatives so no animal have to suffer.A lot of brands are starting to open their minds about this cruelty, click on this link to see a list of brands, designers and retailers that are now Fur-Free: For a Swedish version click here: So if you go shopping today, please have this in mind and keep this little cutie alive! (Picture by